Budgeting and Financing Tools

Setting and maintaining your budget can be a strategic exercise that helps you achieve your goals. There are many tools available that can help turn your budgeting and forecasting from a chore to a strategy:

Microsoft Excel

Since it is the most popular budgeting software in the world, odds are that Excel plays a major role in your budgeting already.  However, if you are doing you budgeting completely in Excel, and not integrating it with your Dynamics GP data, you are missing out.  By using Excel based budgeting within Dynamics GP, you can eliminate Excel links and macros, easily create multiple revisions, and create custom reports in Management Reporter, all while keeping your data in one single location.

BI360 by Solver


Solver’s BI360 Suite provides a complete Excel and web-based Reporting, Budgeting, Dashboard & Collaboration solution with pre-configured integrations to your Dynamics GP data for complete insight.

Giving your organization’s decision makers access to key information in the comfort of a familiar Excel-based environment will give you a competitive advantage in your marketplace.

By making the move to BI360, the next-generation, integrated business intelligence solution, you can help your organization increase productivity, insight and make informed decisions all while decreasing manual keying and inaccuracies.

    • Easily design reports with the modern BI360 Excel interface
    • Empower decision makers to run their own reports and drill down for analysis
    • Drive efficiencies with collaborative budgeting and reporting that enable dialogue and analysis
    • Create at-a-glance dashboards with no technical expertise
    • Consolidate many data source into one system, the BI360 Data Warehouse, for integrated reporting and analysis

Budget Maestro by Centage

Budget Maestro by Centage, is a leading provider of automated, budgeting and planning software solutions for small to medium-sized organizations. This robust, cost-effective enterprise planning software solution automates time-consuming activities in the budgeting, planning, forecasting, reporting and analysis process. Budget Maestro’s sleek new user interface which includes a customizable welcome page, and easy to use menus to deliver powerful business intelligence and planning capabilities for their organizations that can also easily measure the impact on the bottom line.

  • Flexible multi-view capability for budgeting and reporting by customer, product, location, division, manager, channel, etc.AM snip
  • Easy-to-use unit, monetary and percentage ‘drivers’ throughout your planning model
  • Multi-Entity Balance Sheet & Cash flow reporting
  • Multi-dimensional reporting with roll-ups
  • Revealing what-if scenarios
  • Tight alignment with your Chart of Accounts for accurate variance analysis
  • Integrated Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash flow reporting
  • The Advanced Planning Edition accommodates an unlimited number of users

Click the image below for a 3 minute tour of Budget Maestro by Centage

BM7 screen grab