Value Added Resellers (VAR) Partnership FAQ


1. Are there any purchase requirements in order to become a Partner?
A. No – there are no upfront costs or maintenance costs required to become a Partner.

2. What are we looking for in a Partner?
A. A firm (of any size) that exhibits the attention to customer service and also maintains the highest level of ethics.

3. Do we provide support for our enhancements?
A. Yes

4. Do we offer volume discounts?
A. Yes

5. Do we sell directly to end user?
A. Only when end-user is a client of our Technology practice or end user won’t tell us or doesn’t know who their Partner is.

6. Do you require a deposit for custom development work?
A. Yes – the amount varies based on the scope of the project.

7. Who owns the rights to the custom development work?
A. Unless agreed to prior to commencement of the project, PTC retains all rights to the custom development work

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