PTC Optimization & Assessment Services

OptAssessImageDesigned to ensure companies leverage their technology investment to optimize business processes, and maximize ROI.

PTC has developed a detailed Optimization & Assessment Service to evaluate the current state of an ERP environment (such as Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Epicor, etc.) and how well your company is using the system. We often find that companies are using their current ERP system, but know they are not using the system to its best advantage. In essence, they are not maximizing the return on their investment.

PTC evaluates key areas where your ERP system should be providing value such as financial management and reporting, manufacturing, purchase order processing, sales order and invoice processing, inventory management, payroll and human resources and audit readiness. We also evaluate other key systems that may be integrated or need to be integrated to your current ERP solution.

During the assessment several factors are analyzed including the following:

  • Identify and document organization’s known issues by interviewing key personnel from each department
  • Observe current business practices as users enter key transactions (e.g. sales order, customer invoice, purchase order, payables invoice, manufacturing/ production order, journal entry, etc.)
  • Review controls around key processing areas, especially cash management
  • Review the current ERP system settings vs. best practices where applicable
  • Document areas of improvement and recommend additional work flow processes, additional training, new module enhancements, etc.

Upon completion of the assessment PTC provides a written plan for how the use of the system can be improved. Short-term and long-term improvements are discussed so you can realize immediate benefit from the project.

Key features of our Optimization & Assessment Services include:

  • Summary report providing recommendations that can be implemented
  • Analysis of system and business processes
  • Review of key business processes to enhance productivity and effectiveness
  • Review of controls to enhance audit readiness

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Assessment Services can help improve your business results and audit readiness.