1099 Transaction Editor

The 1099 Transaction Editor enhancement for Microsoft Dynamics GP allows users to edit the 1099 amount field in posted PM invoice transactions. The 1099 Type, 1099 Box, and 1099 Amount can be reset for transactions that have not been previously set to include required 1099 information. You can also easily update the amount applicable to a transaction by using the 1099 Transaction Editor. A separate Edit 1099 History window also allows you to enhance security by assigning rights to specific users.

Why Use?

  • Avoid IRS scrutiny and penalties
  • Increased audit protection through easier vendor 1099 editing capabilities
  • Save time by eliminating time-consuming manual entries to invoices
  • 1099 status of prior invoice transactions can be restated quickly and easily
  • 1099 vendors can be set-up anytime during the year -eliminating time-consuming back work
  • Extra level of transaction security provided through separate edit window

 Download the 1099 Transaction Editor literature.

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