Aging Pivot Table Reports

Generate a PivotTable Report in Excel based on your AR or AP Trial Balance Report.

By using the basic functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP Excel Reports and Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher, the Aging PivotTable Reports provide increased flexibility to analyze outstanding transactions in Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable. Pivot Table drilldown capabilities allow users to view additional account information (such as the account contact person and phone number) directly in Excel without having to print other reports or look at other screens. Pivot Table filters enable users to tailor the report to a particular customer/vendor or receivables/payables control account number, among others. The aging calculation date can be adjusted for re-calculating the aging ranges. The Pivot Table is built to accommodate many different aging ranges for your company’s reporting needs. Percentages can be added to the bottom of the Pivot Table at the click of a button to calculate the breakdown of the amounts in each aging range. The final look of your Pivot Table can be modified in Excel to provide users with a print-ready report for your company’s internal reporting needs or for e-mailing to customers or vendors.

Why Use?

  • Use the built-in functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP SmartLists and Microsoft Excel 2010 – tools you already own and are familiar with
  • Easily isolate AP or AR transactions for further review
  • Drilldowns to other account information directly in Excel
  • Use the PivotTable to generate customer-ready reports and internal reports
  • Recalculate the aging of your invoices and update your PivotTable report using the functionality in Excel
  • Multiple aging ranges are available
  • Download the 1099 Transaction Editor literature.

Download the Aging Pivot Table Reports literature.

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