Allocation Schedule

Introducing flexible allocation methods for Dynamics GP users!

Do you want more flexibility in the allocation methods available in Dynamics GP?

Could you use allocation methods based on fixed amounts, percentages, and unit accounts to better allocate your payables, purchasing, and general ledger entries?

Do you have the same allocation schedules applied to multiple expense accounts but dread having to create multiple fixed allocation accounts in Dynamics GP to handle these transactions?

Do you avoid using fixed allocation accounts in Dynamics GP because you can’t lose track of the full invoice amount going to the initial account for audit purposes?

If your answer is YES to any of these, then Paradigm’s Allocation Schedule is here to rescue you. You can avoid creating numerous fixed allocation accounts and repeating the same allocation percentages by using Allocation Schedule to streamline your allocation management process. Enhance your allocation options by combining fixed amount based allocations and percentage based allocations until they are fully allocated. All allocations post into the initial user-entered posting account retaining a full audit trail of the total invoice amount before being distributed and posted according to the Allocation Schedule you set up.

Available in AP Distribution, Purchasing Distribution, and GL General Journal.

Why Use?

    Eliminates the need for multiple fixed allocation accounts with identical allocation percentages by allowing users to setup Allocation Schedules to apply directly to posting accounts in distribution entries.
    Maintains a full audit trail by posting the original pre-allocated amount to the original GL account. The Allocation Schedule then reverses and posts the amount to the appropriate GL accounts.
    Streamlines the allocation process with use of flexible allocation schedules combining constant amounts, percentages and unit accounts to allocate expenses across multiple cost centers or other segments with the use of multiple segment overrides.
    Allocate each distribution account separately by user defined schedules.

Download the Allocation Schedule literature.

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