Chargeback System

Is processing chargebacks a time consuming process? Do you lose track of why chargebacks were processed?

Streamline your chargeback process with Paradigm’s Chargeback System. Define your own chargeback reason codes and record them during transaction entry while capturing original payment information. Track reason codes and GL posting flows and maintain historical accuracy of the chargeback transaction in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Recording reason codes and whether the chargeback is allowed saves you entry time and allows you financial control over posting flows by assigning accounts to each code.

Why Use?

  • Improve customer relations by properly accounting for chargeback’s in the receivables process.
  • Save time by the efficient processing of customer chargeback’s.
  • Determine if the customer chargeback is allowed or flag for research or dispute.
  • Understand valuable trends, reduce costs, and inventory by tracking chargeback reasons and patterns.
  • Improves audit efficiency and capabilities.

Download the Chargeback System literature.

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