Item Attributes

Analyze sales trends and inventory movements effectively with flexible fields.

Do you need to further analyze inventory movements and sales analysis trends yet find yourself limited by the lack of flexible fields to enter key item data?

Paradigm’s Item Attributes enhancement for Dynamics GP solves this by allowing you to specify user-defined information to be captured at the Item Card level. You will be able to create attributes and assign these to item classes. By assigning individual attributes to item classes, you will be able to create a menu of relevant attributes based on a new or existing item’s item class.

Why Use?

  • Unlimited attributes allow for unlimited amounts of information.
  • Increases the value of Dynamics GP investment by allowing you access to more decision making data in a way that adds value to your business.
  • Easily extract item attributes through the use of SmartLists using SmartList Builder.
  • Assign attributes only to applicable item classes.
  • Immediate availability when an item is created and assigned to the item class.

 Download the Item Attributes literature.

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