Item Site Auto Assign

How much time could you save if the setup of the item sites in Dynamics GP could be automated for new inventory items?

The Item Site Auto Assign enhancement automates the setup of Item Quantity Maintenance by Site and Item Resource Planning by Site in Dynamics GP for all your individual locations (sites). After the completion and save of your first site, your remaining sites are automatically and instantly created. Automatically replicate the Primary Vendor ID and the Item Print Option settings for your item sites once you have set up the initial site and it is saved. Within Item Resource Planning and PO Generator Item Maintenance, additional fields are replicated with a simple click of the “save” button. With Item Site Automation by PTC, these additional fields and sites are created automatically and no further additional entry is required. It’s that simple.

Item Site Auto Assign automates the following fields:

Item Quantity Maintenance Site
Primary Vendor ID
Item Print Option settings
Item Resource Planning
Order Policy
Replenishment Method
PO Generator Item Maintenance
Order Method
Replenishment Level
Vendor Selection
Cost Selection

Why Use?

    You will save hours of unnecessary input time.
    Simply enter -check- populate ONCE and reduce entry errors that cost you money.
    No data entry burnout allows your staff to be more productive.

Download the Item Site Auto Assign literature.

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