Order Acknowledgements

The PTC Order Acknowledgements module provides a mechanism for the automatic e-mailing of Order acknowledgements and Invoices from Microsoft Dynamics GP.

During the setup process, the administrator specifies when the acknowledgement e-mail is to be sent. The choices for orders are: Initial Order Save, Order Save/Update, and Enter OA Ship Date. The choices for invoices are: Invoice Save, Invoice Posting, and Transfer Order to Invoice. E-mails can be sent at various times in the order process. Separate “From” e-mail address are allowed during the setup process for Order and Invoice acknowledgements.

A salesperson can also be notified of a sale by means of a checkbox being ticked, they can receive a copy of the document generated once the process has been generated. Also available from the setup menu is the standard Dynamics GP Process Hold functionality, which can prevent sending of e-mail for any specific Process Hold functions.

Users have the ability to manually send out or resend orders or invoices as well and can easily view history of e-mails sent by clicking the expansion button next to the status to open the acknowledgement History window.

Why Use:

  • Automatically update customers when items are shipped
  • Automatically invoice customers when items are shipped
  • Increased communication between you and your customers
  • Save time by eliminating time-consuming manual entries

Download the Order Acknowledgements literature.

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