Whether you are a support, health related, government or services organization the ParadigmAdvisor can assist you and your customers.

The ParadigmAdvisor is a framework consisting of questions and answers that helps users navigate through a virtual decision tree. Based upon the answers to questions and surveys, the system can automatically generate emails and texts with links to documents, videos, webinars, and or support queues. In addition, a user going through the decision tree can create an event for further follow-up.

Unlike standard decision tree software, the ParadigmAdvisor doesn’t limit you to the standard “Yes/No” type questions, nor does it limit you to a standard graphical chart of the questions and answers.

ParadigmAdvisor is built upon Microsoft Dynamics CRM and can be utilized in a hosted or on-premise environment.

Why Use?

  • Guides customers and or staff through Q&A process
  • Customizable for just about any industry
  • Great for support/help desks

Download the ParadigmAdvisor literature.

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