Purchasing Enhancement Bundle

PTC’s Purchasing Enhancement Bundle Includes:

Vendor Address Contacts
The Vendor Address Contacts enhancement allows users to add extra Contacts to a Vendor record in GP. Unlimited vendor contacts can be associated with each Vendor Address ID.

Why Use?

  • Increase the number of contacts with multiple contacts per address ID.
  • Eliminate the need to create multiple vendor address IDs to manage multiple contacts per vendor address.

Purchase Order Processing User-Defined Fields
The Purchase Order Processing User Defined Fields enhancement allows organizations to specify what information should be captured at the Purchase Order level. GP users can assign labels to these additional fields to facilitate the capture of this additional information. These 35 fields greatly expand the data that can be stored with a Purchase Order.

Key Features

  • Streamlines purchase order process by allowing you to enter your user defined data when creating the PO versus during the receiving process.
  • Increases the data you can enter and capture by adding:
    – 5 List Fields
    – 15 Text Fields
    – 5 Amount/Currency Fields
    – 10 Date Fields
  • Saves data entry time by allowing you to create default values
  • Create useful reports from any of the user defined fields you create by using built in SmartList Builder

Vendor Lookup by Name
The Vendor Lookup by Name enhancement sets all Vendor lookups within Microsoft Dynamics GP (GP) to search by the default of Vendor Name rather than by Vendor ID.

Why Use?

  • Saves you time by defaulting all Vendor lookups to Vendor Name
  • Especially useful for users who use numerical ID’s for vendors

Payment Priority Lookup
The Payment Priority Lookup enhancement simplifies your vendor payments by allowing users to setup validated payment priority codes in Dynamics GP and then assign those priorities to vendors and/or vendor classes from a convenient lookup window.

Key Features

  • Ability to create pre-defined pay groups which helps you:
    -Prioritize payments
    -Increase payment selection accuracy
    -Reduce the time it takes to process and sort through your check run
  • Improve your cash flow by issuing checks based on your priority settings
  • Leverage standard GP functionality, such as the SelectCheck process

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