Sales by Line of Business

Simplified Line of Business Financial Reporting 

Would you like to simplify your financial reporting on the separate lines of business in your organization? 

Do you have multiple lines of business in your organization that makes sales posting flows difficult? 

The Sales by Line of Business enhancement for Microsoft Dynamics GP gives you the ability to post Sales Order Processing (SOP) line item transactions based on the Line of Business (LOB) assigned on a customer-by-customer basis. LOBs are setup with segment overrides and are mapped to item classes.

Each of your customers is assigned a LOB. As each line item in SOP entry is entered, a unique LOB/item class combination is created that maps to a certain account segment. The posting accounts are immediately updated to reflect the proper LOB and Distribution Type for the customer and the item class for each line item.

When the sales documents are posted, the proper General Ledger account numbers are already overridden and the GL reports will reflect the correct distributions.

Why Use?

    Easily track profitability of Sales transactions by lines of business.
    Increase the GL account distribution flexibility with customer-specific and line item class-specific posting capabilities.
    Automate the tracking process by generating the proper General Ledger transactions during the SOP posting of invoice.
    For each line of business, each account segment can by overridden by Distribution Type to better control your transactions through to the General Ledger.

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