Sales Order Processing Line Item Notes

Extend your note ability in Sales Order Processing 

Introducing Paradigm’s Sales Order Processing (SOP) Line Item Notes enhancement that enables you to enter an extended note against an individual line item in SOP Sales Transaction Entry.

Since the Line Item Note entry window can display immediately upon entry of a new item number on a Sales Transaction line item, users can easily and quickly begin entering the line-specific information in the 32,000-character note field. This Line Item Note field is accessed by the user through Sales Transaction Entry and the Line Item Notes can be viewed through Sales Transaction Inquiry.

Line Item Notes are transferred with the Sales documents when they are transferred from Quotes to Orders to Invoices.

Why Use?

  • Centralized storage of all special notes and instructions.
  • Streamlined entry with automatic display (optional) of the Line Item Notes entry window upon entry of a new line item.
  • Print notes on all your sales documents including orders, invoices, picking sheets, and more using forms printer – can also be used in Report Writer with calculated fields.
  • Easily review your notes in history at any time using Dynamics GP Inquiry.


 Download the Item Attributes literature.

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