Hybrid cloud-based business continuity solutions built for businesses of every size.

Founded on image-based backup and leveraging a hybrid cloud-based model, Datto solutions offer instant on- and off-site virtualization, screenshot backup verification and peace of mind all from one simple, easy-to-use management interface.

SIRIS_2_Enterprise_webInstant Virtualization – On- and Off-Site Backups can be virtualized locally to the Datto device or to the secure Datto cloud, instantly, with the click of a button. Should a local disaster occur, a business can continue as usual in the Datto cloud. Even while virtualized, systems can perform a normal backup schedule to both the Datto device and to the Datto cloud.

Screenshot Backup Verification – No more guessing if your backup is working properly. Datto boots backups as virtual machines, capturing an image of the login page to give you visual proof that your data has been successfully backed up. An industry first.

End-to-End Encryption – All data is protected by AES 256 encryption both in transit and in the cloud.

Datto provides a simple, secure, and automatic method for both on-site and off-site data storage in one simple and easy to use device.  Datto backup solutions ensure your vital information is always safe and secure, making the once painful chore of on and off-site data backup easy and reliable.