Paradigm Transportation Suite (PTS)


PTS is a suite of work force management applications for the transportation industry and is designed so that organizations can utilize what they need in order to replace or supplement existing applications including Operations, Fleet Maintenance, Financial, GPS/WiFi, Customer Relationship Management, Driver and Labor Management as well as Human Resource.

At the heart of the suite is the Driver and Labor Management module which is designed to significantly reduce the time and expense associated with processing driver trip reports, simplify driver and fleet reporting, and capture the wide range of information recorded by drivers. It also provides extensive functionality for the management of Human Resources, DOT compliance tracking, employee performance and advanced payroll calculations including the ability to handle unions, rate management, overtime, overlaps and guaranteed pays.

The HR module manages much of the driver-specific information required by regulatory agencies such as DOT. Leveraging I9, training, certifications, licenses, tests, random drug testing, violations, complaints, incidents and accident tracking areas provides a powerful employee administration solution to streamline and reduce the costs associated with labor management, workman’s compensation tracking, OSHA regulations, and audit readiness.

The Fuel Management module is designed to capture tank/pump readings, fuel purchases and fuel usage. Controls are built in the solution to enhance integrity of entries and better manage fuel and monitor for leakage and theft.

Executive Dashboards & Reporting – Business Intelligence (BI) enables the user to easily extract meaningful information from the volumes of data processed in your system. The BI module includes a robust reporting engine with the ability to create reports on the fly using user-defined parameters.

PTS is designed to provide integration capabilities from any industry operational software’s data source enabling companies a cost effective and efficient solution to expand and extend their current software investment.

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