Tour Manager (TM)

Tour Manager (TM) is an enterprise solution that manages:

Retail tours and scheduled departures, Pre-formed groups, FIT, and Fly-drives and cruises.

TM helps you perform all your tour management tasks, while tracking data pertaining to vendors, customers, reservations, to-do lists, contracts and tour marketing information.


Increased Departmental Efficiency

  • Enables client and master file database management, tour planning, pricing, booking, and scheduling.
  • Functions as a workflow application to generate and distribute client itineraries, schedules, vendor purchase orders, and invoices.
  • Reduces response time to client requests.

Affordable Marketing Integration

  • Generates personalized or mass mailings, such as newsletters and e-mails regarding current or future promotions.
  • Tracks effectiveness of marketing programs, thus enabling better management decisions for future marketing initiatives.

Profit Monitoring

  • Complete break-even analysis tool set monitors all packages and components.
  • Ensure highest levels of profits in real-time, down to the individual reservation level.

Flexible Architecture

  • Integrates with any third party-compatible financial software applications and populates general ledger entries of all transactions with one click.
  • Operates as an e-commerce module, which provides 24/7 access for customers to purchase your products from anywhere in the world.

Database Accuracy & Organization

  • Open database design provides an accurate data backbone, complete data tracking and industry-specific reporting capabilities.
  • Monitors current and future inventory levels and minimizes over and under-booking.

Detailed Audit Logs

Stamps all database entries with time, date and user information to provide a complete audit trail of transactions.

Safeguards your business from user error and ensures that financials are protected to the highest level.

Standard Features

Group Management

Trip Planning, Scheduling & Itinerary Development

  • Tour templating & tour series management
  • FIT/Fly-Drive Bookings

Full Master File Management, Customer, Vendor, Products

  • Full customer history
  • Integrated customer mailing lists

Complete Quoting & Contract Generation

  • Pricing Module – “What If” sell price development
  • Simple customer receipt and vendor payment

Dynamic Table & Inventory Management

Operator Task Lists

Complete System Administrator and User Rights Security

Automated Credit Card Authorization and Billing

Optional Features

Online Sales Tools

Integrated Call Center Applications

Integrated Credit Card Authorization

Media Options

Automated Communications

  • Enables online tour bookings and credit card authorization via TM Online interface

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